Saturday, August 23, 2008

Some End of the Summer Fun

I have been needing to update this for sometime...  Here are a few pictures of South Carolina, Vegas, and other random adventures.  I had a blast in S.C.!  I saw baby loggerhead turtles make their way out to see, saw a few alligators, saw some dolphins, saw a black tipped shark, collected tons of sea shells, found a sharks tooth, and just had a BLAST with family!!!

Kiawah2008 018 Kiawah2008 045

Fishing one day.  The second we cast the line we were pulling it back in with a fish.

Kiawah2008 005 Kiawah2008 006

Above is a vending machine for cigarettes and a power pole with gum.

Kiawah2008 048 Kiawah2008 051

Above is a small shopping center that over looks the bay in Charleston, pretty, pretty.


It was my first time to Vegas this summer and I had a great time.  Glad I don't live there but it was loads of fun.  I also did some more hikes at the end of the summer and have one more planned for Labor day weekend before it starts snowing!

Vegas2008 002 Vegas2008 009

The above photos is the view from our hotel room.

Vegas2008 015 Vegas2008 017

It was Rachel's 21st birthday (the reason we went)!

Below are some pictures from a recent hike, one more to go for the season.  Medicine Bow, here we come!!!

moose n45200288_31669749_9415

n45200288_31669750_9735 n45200288_31669758_2242