Friday, June 27, 2008

What God is teaching me...

Have you ever seen Evan Almighty?  I think I like it more than Bruce Almighty for one reason, the theme.  God doesn't just give us what we pray for, he gives us situations in which we can learn and grow from.  I have been learning pretty hard core lately about life and what it means.  Recently, I have been praying "why?"  that is it.  Why don't I feel good enough?  Why isn't life easier?  Did you know I have a pretty easy life?  Yeah, my parents don't abuse me, in fact they pay my college tuition and pretty much send me money whenever I need it.  I have made good choices my whole life and have never been addicted to drugs or alcohol.  Heck, I haven't had hardly any close people to me die, I am not in debt, pregnant or divorced.  I have it easy.  Yet, I still think my life is hard and could get easier, sad.

It does seem though, God is using my friends and the kids I work with how good my life really is.  And not only that but these people have a totally different background and what I see as failure they see as complete success.  I have also had to go through some tough times with friends.  A few of my friends were just in a car accident where someone died, how awful.  I can't imagine what grief they must be going through.  I wish I could help them and make them better and realize it wasn't their fault but I can't do that.  I pray that they do see it, that they can't live that day by "what if?"

People keep asking me, what do you want to do after you graduate?  Like graduating is really going to put me that much closer to my goal.  Guess what, I want to do pretty much what I am doing now just with less school involved and maybe some more money.  I want to enjoy my time with friends, I want to have fun at work, and I want to continue to try and change the world.  Whether that is continuing to "corrupt" more Baptists, or influencing a kid to make the right choice.  You don't have to change everything to change the world...  It is that one thing you do that makes a difference.  It isn't you graduating college, or you making your parents proud.  I hope that my life right now is reflective of what I want to do after I finish college; change the world.

Monday, June 16, 2008


My life has been super hectic, exciting, and stressful!  I think I will start with the most recent and work my way back.  *clears throat*  Today I had lunch with Mike, Jamie, and Noah, it made me happy!  Yesterday I drove to Denver about 7 pm to pick some friends up who were in a car accident there, it was sad.  One of the people involve in the accident died, very emotional trip.  Of course, Friday night I worked the overnight and when we went to pick them up Saturday night, I hadn't slept since Friday at 11am.  By the time we got back in Laramie I had slept 2 hours in 36, that sucks.

Recently, I got back from Utah after seeing Daisy graduate and hanging out with friends.  I miss my friends, especially Brandon, Rachel, and Clare.  I wish I could see them more often.  While home I went to a church softball game, went hiking (kind-a sort-a) and went to a campfire.  I also vandalized Brandon's motorcycle with flowers and watched a lot of House. 

Before going home to Utah I was spending time with my very prego friend Susan, who is in fact, no longer pregnant because she had a beautiful baby boy after 20 hours of labor and a C-section.  Hanging out with Susan is always fun!  Before going to see Susan I was moving out of my house and moving into the BCM house.  Also, during that week of moving I worked 65 hours and there was a tornado.  Somehow, I got into the BCM on my one day off.  I am happy to be in the BCM but I would trade it if Dan and Christen would come back, I miss them.  I also think Olive is weirded out by living in Elli's house.  But of course, my dog is amazing and she gets over things easily!

So, now you know a very shortened version of how hectic my life has been.  Hopefully my work schedule will allow for more time to do things I need to.  Also, I am pretty stoked about trips this summer.  I am going to Yellowstone (hopefully), South Carolina, Vegas, and going to see Foo Fighters at Red Rocks in Colorado!

Hope everyone is having a less stressful life then me...  I hope at least mine calms down enough so I can keep this updated like I was.