Friday, February 4, 2011

My likes and dislikes

I have been inspired by several people to make changes to my lifestyle. I am pretty happy with who I am as a person but there is always room to grow. This year I have been inspired by my mom to lose weight and exercise more, inspired by Luis to eat healthier and know what I am putting in my body, inspired by my brother Dakota to look deeper at the world around me, and inspired by Donald Miller to think about how my life can tell a great story.
I have begun exercising more, eating healthier, slowing down, and trying to tell a better story but feel I could do better. Recently Donald Miller wrote a blog about knowing your likes and dislikes and how he uses this to guide his decisions. I have decided to follow his lead and made my own list of likes and dislikes from the past year. I was honestly surprised how many more likes I had than dislikes but I think that means I am already going in the right direction and it will be easier to make changes. So, here is my list...

Things I liked about last year
1. Being with family (After Holidays trip, Dakota’s grad, Thanksgiving, September trip)
2. Being with friends (Lander!, hiking, concerts, birthday, Denver)
3. Taking the dogs on walks
4. Hiking, snowshoeing
5. Seeing wildlife (in the wild or not)
6. New friends
7. Being a Godmother!
8. Drinking good coffee
9. Training my dogs
10. Advancing in my job
11. Road trips (Lander, Missouri, Utah)
12. Having friends with babies to spoil
13. Discovering new things (Sushi, peaceful drives, music, local restaurants)
14. Making things (wreaths, dream catchers, jewelry)
15. Seeing local bands
16. Biking (mountains or the green belt)
17. Canning (pickling)
18. Fixing things/being handy (Rock River church, anything involving my drill)
19. Farmers Market!!!
20. Quitting online games (big step for me)
21. Seeing people change their life or hearing stories of changed lives
22. Helping friends
23. Having a clean house (I <3 Vacuuming!)
24. Reading
25. Going to church
26. Organizing, downsizing

Things I disliked about last year
1. Working Sundays
2. Eating at fast food
3. Not getting enough sleep
4. Being sick
5. Feeling like I have disappointed my dad
6. Hiding who I am
7. Being hung-over (eg goldschlager)
8. Holding back from fear of what others think
9. Not visiting friends that live within 50 miles more often
10. Losing friends (mostly distance)
11. Procrastinating