Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A bit of an update

A few recent things in my life... I got a Border Collie puppy. Her name is Kenya and she is adorable. She adores Jackson (who happens to be her older half brother). She also chases Snow and causes a bit of chaos because the cat doesn't know what Kenya is. She is going to be a beautiful adult and I can't wait to see what her ears decide to do.

Last weekend I went with Sarah, David, and Kenny to see Matthew, Louise, and baby Noah! It was a blast!!! Noah is getting so big. He is adorable and I love him tons. I also had fun with my friends. It is weird to think about us not being together again for a long time, if ever!

Now for a visit to Susan. I miss her tons and wish I could see her more often. It is sad that we only live an hour apart and yet rarely see each other.

I am happy summer is around the corner. I am sure it will snow some more before it arrives but it is warmer! I have gotten my first two sunburns of the year. As much as I hate sunburns it makes me happy because it means it is warm outside.


I was listening in on a conversation of some friends a week ago and was saddened by what they said. Here is a summarized replay of what happened...

Al was messing with Abby.
Abby responds with "I'm going to kill you"
Nate: "That isn't very Christian"
Abby: "Whatever"
Nate: "of course, you could find a Christian way to do it in like Mike (who recently joined the Army)"

Does being in the Army mean you can kill under God? I honestly don't think so. The topic of military and Christianity has always been a conflict for me within. For one, I don't think killing is right, ever. Yet, I have many friends who are in the military, serving the country they love. I have a certain admiration for them I guess but not because they kill. I think it is because they have given their lives to something they believe in; not many people do that.