Monday, July 14, 2008

The Garden

I took a few pictures of flowers I have planted and of flowers already hanging out around the house.  I love the pots on the porch but my pride and joy are my sunflowers!  A couple of them have gotten blossoms since I took the photos, so exciting!!!

 June2008 Stuff 015

June2008 Stuff 020 June2008 Stuff 017

Hiking and Yellowstone Adventure

In June I went to Yellowstone with a few friends, here are some pictures of that and of some hiking adventures since then...



This is a beautiful valley in Yellowstone, pretty sure this is when we saw the bald eagle.  Next to it is upper falls, pretty freaking huge.  And according to one man I overheard, "the most amazing thing" he had ever seen!


geyser geyser1

These are two geysers.  I don't remember which two but it doesn't make them any less beautiful!

beaver rams

Here is a very small sampling of the wild life we saw.  A beaver and some rams.  We also saw a couple black bears, elk, moose, bison, bald eagle, marmots, coyotes, and other random animals unimportant enough for me to forget.

NOW, here are a few pictures from a few recent hikes...

n285402570_2476836_4738[1] rocks

meweez ankle deep mud

Olive is an amazing rock climber, way better then me and better at finding easier ways to get up then I can.

mudlines muddy olive

Here are a couple pictures of the aftermath of a hike.  I have never seen so much still standing water!  We were way gross afterwards but we had a lot of fun!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Sometimes I think it is difficult to work on what you want because you can't see yourself going anywhere with it.  I am a psych major and was a math major and both seem so worthless, where will I be after I graduate (if I graduate, haha, that is how I feel now)?  It seemed my efforts were fruitless, why try?  There is so much I want to do, so much I have a passion for but I couldn't seem to get a grasp on how to do what I love.  Not only that but it takes so long to get to the point you can go after those things, all the education and experience that is needed!

Well, recently I have had a few more ideas for how to gain my goals in life.  I went down to Denver recently and saw some old friends, DJ Summers, and Amber and Jared Phifer, it was awesome!  Amber told me about Denver Seminary and I looked stuff up about it and am pretty excited about the possibility of going to this school.  It looks amazing and it is in Denver which is a great place (not being in Utah or freezing Wyoming).  Now it seems my goal is this, instead of focusing on everything I want to do, focus on getting into Denver Seminary or one similar to it, then focus on doing the things I want to do.


PS.  For those of you who don't know ALL the things I want to do, here is a sample.  Many of you know, I LOVE animals...  I want to change animal welfare, I think there are so many amazing animals out there and they deserve a home.  Raising awareness about homeless animals and animal shelters.  Teaching people about why animals behave they do and what animals need, I think people are ill-equipped with knowledge they need about pets. 

I want to change the lives of children, starting from the beginning with their parents so they have a chance.  I have gotten to know too many kids whose parents don't care anything about their child, abusing them and giving them drugs; it is no wonder the kids I work with are messed up, they would be better off with crap for parents.  I also want to bring in some sort of program to promote animals into therapy.  In fact, out of all the things I want to do that is probably top of the list.

As many of you know I have been training Olive as a therapy dog and I think it is amazing.  Olive makes my job so much easier.  If I have her with me the kids positively respond to me 10 times better, not only that but staff that come in after me have commented that they know there job is going to be easier that day, just because they see me leave with Olive.  I think it would be great if we could implement programs into hospitals, therapy facilities, and schools.  The list is endless.

Anyway, that is a short list but it covers the biggest things!