Thursday, September 25, 2008


So I rarely write on days events but today I thought was particularly interesting.  First, I found out I am not the only one that Plains Tire gypped.  Yes, that is right, I found out a classmate went through the same thing with them, ugh!  Stupid Plains Tire!!!!!  Also, I learned Utah is more stupid than I thought.  They have outlawed malt beverages from grocers (ie Smirnoff, Bacardi, Mike's) but they don't have the correct labels for liquor stores.  Oh Utah, when will they learn!

Yesterday was the last day I could drive my car, SUCK!  I hope and pray Plains gets their poop in a group so that I can get my new engine and drive!

Also, I was thinking about responsibility.  Yes, I have thought about it before but it seems as you grow up the meaning changes.  For example, I just had someone tell me her half brother is going to jail and he has custody over his kids, his wife is already in prison.  This person (lets call her Hailey) is the only person that can take the kids or they will go to state custody.  Some would argue it is her responsibility to take care of the kids but I wonder, is it?  Think, she is single, 30 something, don't you think if she wanted kids she would have them?  Who says she wants these kids, or has the time for them?  Her whole life is changed because her half brother can't seem to handle his own life!

Sometimes I think, can my life get worse?  Well, it obviously can get a lot worse.  Thank God I have the friends and family I do, an amazing support system!  For everyone going through something, out of their control, that is ripping their life up, I am praying for you and thanking God it isn't me!  Heck, I even feel bad for those who are screwing their own lives up!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Denver Seminary

Last Friday I went and visited Denver Seminary to see if it is a school I want to go to and I LOVE it!!!  I spent Friday finding out what Denver Seminary is about, their strengths and weaknesses, community involvement, and I thought about the person I am and would I be good in a school like this.  I definitely think I will grow immensely in this school not only in my faith but also in the person I am and want to be.  I am looking at the Counseling Licensure program and hope to get in and get some scholarships and save some money to pay for school.  Grad school and Denver is a lot more expensive than UW and Laramie!!!  After visiting the Seminary I have a new fervor for school, hopefully I can maintain the excitement of the future!

Though this weekend was a wonderful weekend it has been full of stress and now I am sick AND the stupid squirrels stole ALL the heads to my sunflowers!!!  I was so angry and sad.  This week and weekend I am hoping I can get caught up and homework and start feeling better.

Not much else going on in my life recently.  I am turning 23 on October 2nd.  I hope to go to Colorado and go on a brewery tour.  I really want to go to Anheuser Busch because I want to see the Clydesdales but I would settle for another brewery like Odell or New Belgium... we'll see.  My friends trial is coming up the 3rd of October so I might just go and support them.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Growing Up

It seems I have a lot of these blogs, the ones where I go off on how unfair life is and how tired I am of becoming an adult but all at the same time I wouldn't trade it for being twelve.  Well, it seems it is about that time again.  If you actually read this then you have heard about my friends that were in the car accident and someone died... well, this week they got a court summons.  They shouldn't have to go to court, they shouldn't have to be dealing with this.  They are good people, they didn't go out and murder someone, someone died because that person wasn't wearing a seatbelt, it was an ACCIDENT!!!!  I just wish I could make them feel better but there is only so much I can do.

Also, my car is slowly starting to succumb to it's faulty oil change from July.  You may be asking, faulty oil change.  Well, an integral part about an oil change is getting oil put back in your car... that is right, they didn't put oil in my car after paying them 45, FORTY-FIVE dollars to do so.  UGH!

Let us see, what else.  Mostly I am bogged down with school.  I am amazed with how much homework I have this semester.  One of my classes I have more homework in it than my other three combined, so sad.  I just hope I can get in the groove of things and make it all work out.

On a lighter, less complaining, note...  here are some of my sunflowers.  Slightly retarded and gimpy but still beautiful.  One day I caught a big bumble bee on one of them.  It was cool!

Sunflowers 002 Sunflowers 003