Saturday, December 25, 2010

Part of the Crisis

What am I doing with my life? That is a typical quarter life crisis question and I find myself asking myself that question more and more. I feel like I am just floating, waiting, wasting time. What am I doing with my life? I work a lot, I like what I do, but what am I actually doing? Ah yes, I do a good job, my boss tells me every day but shouldn't I think I am doing a good job?
Now, I am confusing myself. I do think I am doing a good job but not at what I think I should be doing a good job with. Not only do I do everything I should and more but people trust me and rely on me. I know I am worth something where I work... but I want to mean something to the kids I go to work for, not my coworkers, not my boss.
I took the last year off school because I felt like I was wasting money not knowing what I was doing. Now, I think I have finally decided on Elementary Education. I have thought a lot about this and am excited to go back to school. The break has been nice and I think has helped me refocus my life, what I want to do in my future.
Another part of the crisis is that I question my inadequacies to maintain a relationship. Not only do I struggle with maintaining but acquiring. I can't even tell you how many friends I have that have gotten engaged or married this year. What about me? I know I have asked this before but the question hasn't been answered.
I pretty much hate having quarter life crisis because it sucks. I would like to stop thinking about why my life sucks and move on.

Without Sarah

The thought of Sarah leaving is terrifying to me. For those that don't know, Sarah needs a full-time job and has been looking since April. If she can't find one soon, she will have to move back to Casper to live with her parents. There are several reasons this makes me sad. One, she is the last of my close friends who still live close. B, we have lived together since Summer of 2007 and get along swimmingly. Third, she balances me. Like I have all these crazy thoughts and spill them out to her and she, in her way, slaps me across the face and helps me refocus.
If she leaves, I will be alone. As you know, if you follow this blog, I don't do well alone. I know I have asked several of you to pray for her to find a job... but if she doesn't find one, I ask that you pray for me and that I don't go crazy.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Working with Men

I work with teenage boys, so naturally, most of my coworkers have been men. There are many pros and cons to having men as coworkers. Biggest pro, no drama. Biggest con, men don't notice nice things about you... or they don't express they do.
I was thinking about this today. I have had my natural hair color for about a year now. I have changed my hair color a lot, my poor mother asked me in October, "so is this your natural color?" Haha!!! Well, I dyed it last night... dark brown from my reddish blond. Guess who said something? Not my male coworkers. This makes me sad. Not that I am there to impress them but I see them every week... do you see me?
Pros to my male coworkers; there is no drama which is awesome. They are protective of me when the boys are aggressive. They are also just hilarious!
Anyway boys! It sure would be nice if you could compliment me, whether on my new hair color or on my nice outfit. Thanks!