Sunday, April 24, 2011

Perfect Moments

Perfect moments are often very brief moments but they make an impact in your day, if not your life. I have had a few moments I would call perfect. Today that moment was very simple. Today I was driving back from Riverton with two boys from work. We were on I80 about 10 miles east of Elk Mountain. It was about 7:30pm, it was raining/snowing, there was a light fog and both boys were asleep. The CD was playing Ray LaMontagne's Winter Birds. That was it... so calming and perfect. It was as if no matter what happened or had happened, all was okay.

I have had other moments that I would call perfect. One that sticks out in my mind is the first moment I held my godson Noah (I just love that little guy). There have been many moments when I have been hiking and all seems right with the world. Seeing an eagle soaring in the sky, watching waves break on the beach, and sitting around a fire with friends... and so many other wonderful, simple times that I would call perfect.

I am thankful for today's perfect moment and the peace it brought to me.

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